New PhD students join the team.
Ashly’s LRP got funded!
Congrats, Marisa!


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New PhD students join the team!

In September 2021, Tsai-Chin (TC) Cho and Xuexin Yu joined the team as new PhD students in Epidemiologic Sciences at University of Michigan School of Public Health.

TC’s research interests revolve around social and contextual components of cross-national health disparities and healthcare utilization. Xuexin is interested in the effects of socioeconomic trajectories on cognitive aging among older adults in South Africa, China, and the United States.

They are beginning their PhD studies under the mentorship of Dr. Lindsay Kobayashi.

Ashly’s LRP got funded!

Postdoctoral Research Fellow Ashly Westrick received three-year funding through the NIA/NIH Loan Repayment Program for her project: “Racial Disparities in Memory Aging Among Older Cancer Survivors: A Socioecological Approach”

Dr. Westrick’s project primarily aims to characterize long-term memory aging trajectories and racial disparities in memory aging among older cancer survivors, and to identify modifiable individual and socioecological determinants of long-term memory aging that could be future screening or early detection intervention targets to reduce disparities among older cancer survivors.

This project will help identify and evaluate disparities in long-term memory aging among older White and Black adults, by linking 20 years of US nationally representative data- Health and Retirement Study (HRS)- to the National Neighborhood Data Archive (NaNDA), a national data archive containing over three decades of contextual measures.

Congratulations, Dr. Westrick!

Congrats, Marisa!

Former Research Associate, Marisa Eastman, took the next step in her career as a Public Health Analyst at RTI International in Durham, North Carolina. Starting in August 2021, Marisa has been leading evaluation of an NIH-funded biomedical translational science program and assisting in outreach, engagement, and coordination between stakeholders.

Congratulations, Marisa!

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